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January 28, 2022 · Last updated on January 30, 2023

Become an AI Exchange Contributor

Become an AI Exchange Contributor

Here's why you should be part of the AI Exchange community—and how to get started.

Mike Barton
Mike Barton
Become an AI Exchange Contributor

AI Exchange is a community that brings together AI researchers, practitioners, and leaders from across the world. Community members join Exchange to stay up to date on the latest AI research and trends from peers and leaders who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, whether in academia, research, industry, or government.

AI Exchange was launched in October 2021 as part of the TransformX conference. Our mission is to bring together AI/ML researchers, practitioners to share practical content and advice, participate in engaging online and in-person events, and connect with fellow members to foster meaningful connections. 

Why You Should Contribute to AI Exchange

Contributors gain exposure to one of the largest communities in AI/ML in the world. Many of our contributors use AI Exchange to attract top talent. And AI Exchange is a great way to continue to build your personal brand and promote your company. AI Exchange speakers end up networking with the community and building new relationships with teams working on similar challenges.

Key stats

  • 18,000 members: The largest AI community.
  • 100K+ subscribers to our AI to Z Newsletter.
  • Up to 500+ signups / 50%+ attendance rate for Tech Talks events.

Key initiatives

  • 3-5 insightful or technical articles weekly.
  • Weekly Tech Talks with top leaders, engineers and practitioners.
  • Weekly virtual networking events for AI/ML teams.

Two Ways You Can Contribute

All contributed content, including written articles and tech talks, should be product- and vendor-neutral. It's OK to mention your company and team, but this is not about promoting your company or product -- it's about sharing knowledge with peers in the AI and ML fields. Share your lessons learned, or explain how by embracing a new approach or technique you were able to exceed goals, for example.

Written Articles

Articles can range from thought leadership from AI practitioners and deep dive technical articles on ML engineering, to research analysis that sparks reflection and conversation.

Tech Talks

Tech Talks range from technical deep dives to big picture takes on the state of AI.


  • Live: We Arrange for recording of live and this can have live questions following the talk. 
  • Pre-recorded with live component: We schedule and play the recording, then after offer live or virtual Q&A.
  • Pre-recorded and/or repurposed: We produce your recorded via and schedule it to play on an agreed day and time. 
  • Written article with your byline to promote the talk: This goes live the same day or day after your talk, and we embed the video on the story. 


We usually do Thursdays at noon PST. This is not set in stone, especially for live events. 

Get Started

Our mission is to build out the best community of content creators, focusing on articles and Tech Talks by and for AI and ML teams. Whether you are a content creator already — be it through writing articles or speaking at conferences and other events — or not, we want to work with you. Our team of experienced editors will work with you from the idea stage through to the final publishing or your article, or talk.

Here's how it works.

Articles and Tech Talks

  • Review AI Exchange content and writer guidelines.
  • Submit your idea to the AI Exchange content team by email using "aiexchangeideas" AT, and please include these elements:
  • Working headline
  • Summary
  • Outline of main assertions/key takeaways
  • Your LinkedIn profile

Thanks for becoming a part of our growing community of experts in AI and ML!

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