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The Exchange community brings together AI researchers, practitioners, and leaders from across the world. Community members join Exchange to stay up to date on the latest AI research and trends from those pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, whether in academia, research, industry, or government.
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OpenAI's InstructGPT
In this article you'll learn: - How Long Ouyang and his team at OpenAI trained InstructGPT to follow human instructions - How fine-tuning with reinforcement learning from human feedback can produce better results with less data at a lower cost - How alignment can unleash untapped potential in existing models
Nov 18th, 2022
How to Build a Faster Vision Transformer for Supervised Image Classification
A vision transformer learns from image data by treating image patches as tokens. Adding a token learning layer to a vision transformer speeds up its operations.
Sep 21st, 2022
How to Improve Content Moderation on Inputs to Large ML Models with Synthetic Data
The DALL·E 2 team at OpenAI recently described an intriguing way to limit certain sensitive training images from their image-generation model. We hypothesize that you could improve on this technique by expanding the training dataset for DALL·E 2 with synthetic data.
Sep 6th, 2022
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