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Emad Mostaque (Stability AI): Democratizing AI, Stable Diffusion & Generative Models

Emad Mostaque & Alexandr Wang

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Benjamin  Youngs
Kathyrn Harris
Benjamin Youngs & Kathyrn Harris · Apr 11th, 2024
About the Tech Talk Generative AI holds transformative potential for the U.S. government and is laying the foundation for unprecedented advancements across the public sector. Join senior leadership from Scale’s Public Sector team, Kathryn Harris and Benjamin Youngs, to meet Donovan, the AI Digital Staff Officer for the future and learn: - How Donovan uses LLMs to act as a force multiplier and accelerate your traditional workflows, giving you more time to do the work that matters the most - How Donovan can be used to uncover insights and solve real national security challenges - About security features that enable Donovan to be deployed safely on classified and unclassified government networks
Sean Hendryx
Lucas Bunzel
Sean Hendryx & Lucas Bunzel · Mar 15th, 2024
Foundation Models offer a new paradigm for machine learning. As OEMs transition from intense R&D to scaled production for advanced self-driving systems, Foundation Models will be the key to achieving safety and efficiency. Scale's Automotive Foundation Model is the next evolution of the Automotive Data Engine -- empowering teams to deliver advanced computer vision capabilities for autonomous vehicles to safely perceive and navigate complex environments. In this talk, Sean Hendryx, Engineering Manager, Machine Learning at Scale AI, will share how Scale is delivering the most advanced computer vision technology to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.
Eleanor Runde
Dr. Benjamin  Jensen
Will Gamble
Eleanor Runde, Dr. Benjamin Jensen, Will Gamble & 1 more speaker · Mar 11th, 2024
A panel discussion featuring Dr. Jane Pinelis, Chief AI Engineer, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Dr. Benjamin Jensen, Senior Fellow for Future War, Gaming, and Strategy, CSIS, and Eleanor Runde, Policy Advisor, Office of the Secretary, Department of Commerce, moderated by Dan Tadross, Head of Delivery, Federal, Scale AI. This panel will take you on an expedition evaluating the current landscape of AI Trust & Safety, what trust and safety really means within the federal government, and the methods currently used to facilitate it.
# AI in National Security
Alex Levinson
Dan  Tadross
Alex Levinson & Dan Tadross · Mar 11th, 2024
A Fireside Chat between Alex Levinson, Head of Security for Scale AI and Will Gamble, Director & AGC of Federal for Scale AI, on A Red Team Approach to AI Security.
# AI in National Security
# AI Policy & Governance
# Artificial General Intelligence
Colin  Jarvis
Luv Kothari
Chloe Ho
Colin Jarvis, Luv Kothari & Chloe Ho · Nov 7th, 2023
About the Tech Talk Fine-tuning is the key to unlocking the performance of LLMs for every organization’s most critical use cases. Join OpenAI and Scale as we explore what it takes to optimize fine-tuning for your organization and how you can unlock the potential of your data. From this talk, you will learn: When you should consider fine-tuning GPT-3.5 and how to get started Optimizing your proprietary data for fine-tuning GPT-3.5 and how to tell when you need to generate new data Lessons learned and best practices from helping the world's leading enterprises fine-tune GPT-3.5 for their most difficult use cases
Understanding the capabilities, risks, and vulnerabilities of large language models is critical to ensuring the safety of these models. Join Scale as we discuss our vision for what an effective and comprehensive test and evaluation (“T&E”) regime for LLMs should look like moving forward, how that leverages human experts, as well as how we aim to help service this need with our new Scale LLM Test & Evaluation offering.
Riley Goodside
Riley Goodside · Aug 22nd, 2023
About the Tech Talk The explosive growth of AI chatbots powered by large language models (LLMs) has introduced millions to prompt engineering — writing, evaluating, and optimizing natural language prompts to coax an LLM to complete a task. Join Riley Goodside, Staff Prompt Engineer at Scale AI, as he explores the origins of prompt engineering and how it evolved alongside models, from pre-trained LLMs to instruction tuning to RLHF. He explores the effects of limited context windows in LLMs, how these limitations are addressed today, and the potential of “long context” LLMs.
Arun Murthy
Clemens Viernickel
Arun Murthy & Clemens Viernickel · Jul 27th, 2023
Every enterprise has the opportunity to capture massive productivity gains with Generative AI. Foundation models are immensely powerful and necessary but fall short of sufficient to deliver on this promise. In this tech talk, Scale’s CPTO, Arun Murthy, will walk you through the technologies, architecture and workflows necessary to realize the value of Generative AI applications for your enterprise.
David Rokeach
Jonathan Rosenbluth
Bihan Jiang
David Rokeach, Jonathan Rosenbluth & Bihan Jiang · Apr 27th, 2023
In this talk, we'll discuss the results of the 2nd edition of Scale Zeitgeist: AI Readiness Report. Scale surveyed more than 1,600 executives and ML practitioners on the challenges and best practices of building and adopting AI. With this report, we help you look past the hype and explore the impact of generative models such as Large Language Models (LLMs), and how organizations can deploy AI for real business impact. Bihan Jiang, Product Manager at Scale will host a discussion with David Rokeach, VP of Enterprise AI at Scale, and Jonathan Rosenbluth, Director of Product Strategy at Cohere, to discuss the results of the report and best practices in adopting AI in the Enterprise.
Sri Viswanath
Benny Du
Vijay Karunamurthy
Sri Viswanath, Benny Du, Vijay Karunamurthy & 2 more speakers · Apr 27th, 2023
In this talk, we'll discuss the results of the Scale Zeitgeist: AI Readiness Report. Scale’s AI Readiness Report is a survey of more than 1,700+ ML practitioners and Leaders on the challenges and best practices with building and adopting AI applications. The report explores the impact of large generative models such as LLMs, as well as examining every stage of the ML lifecycle from data and annotation to model development, deployment, and monitoring. The goal of the report is to empower organizations and ML practitioners to learn and implement best practices and unlock the full potential of AI for every business. Vijay Karunamurthy, Field CTO at Scale, hosts a panel discussion discussing the results of the report and best practices to apply these findings as companies look to build and work with ML, including best practices on RLHF and fine-tuning large models. The panel features: Sri Viswanath, General Partner at Coatue Benny Du, Senior Manager at Accenture Bihan Jiang, Product Manager at Scale Fernando Amat Gil, Senior Staff Machine Learning Research Engineer
OpenAI’s InstructGPT: Aligning Language Models With Human Intent
Long Ouyang & Aerin Kim