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A Red Team Approach to AI Security

Posted Mar 11, 2024 | Views 420
# AI in National Security
# AI Policy & Governance
# Artificial General Intelligence
Alex Levinson
Head of Security @ Scale AI

Alex Levinson is a preeminent authority in offensive security and red teaming, currently leading all Security efforts at ScaleAI, one of the world's largest AI companies. Having served in pivotal roles across innovative tech firms and as a senior red team consultant at Lares, Levinson brings a wealth of hands-on experience. His contributions to open source security tools and his active engagement in security competitions such as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition underscore his commitment to advancing the field. Levinson's unique blend of expertise positions him at the vanguard of the intersection between AI advancements and security challenges.

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Dan Tadross
Head of Delivery, Federal @ Scale

A Fireside Chat between Alex Levinson, Head of Security for Scale AI and Will Gamble, Director & AGC of Federal for Scale AI, on A Red Team Approach to AI Security.

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