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The 2023 Zeitgeist Report - Generative AI and Best Practices for Enterprise Adoption

Posted Apr 27, 2023 | Views 2.4K
David Rokeach
VP of Enterprise AI @ Scale

David Rokeach, VP of Enterprise AI at Scale, is an expert in large-scale AI initiatives for the world’s largest companies. He has led the strategy, development, and deployment of complex AI solutions across industries, including insurance, retail, consumer goods, media & entertainment, industrials, financial services, and more. Previously, David was a Partner at Boston Consulting Group focused on AI strategy and implementation. He also served as a policy advisor in the US House of Representatives focused on technology & science.

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Jonathan Rosenbluth
Director, Product Strategy @ Cohere

Jonathan Rosenbluth is the Director of Product Strategy at Cohere. He engages with customers and the Cohere team to develop the strategy for product development, to identify new features and products that make it easy for businesses and developers to create value using large language models, and to craft an approach for bringing this technology to market.

Jonathan has been with Cohere since its early days. He led the company's Sales, Partnerships, Solution Architecture, and Business Operations functions, and now leads the Product Strategy team. He spearheaded Cohere’s go-to-market strategy upon platform launch and closed Cohere’s first enterprise sale. He has been instrumental in launching and scaling Cohere's products, working closely with customers to understand their needs and build solutions that address them.

Prior to Cohere, Jonathan was a consultant at McKinsey. He holds a JD from Harvard Law School and a BA from McGill University.

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Bihan Jiang
Product Manager @ Scale AI

Bihan is currently a Product Manager at Scale AI on the Model Platform team. Previously, she was a product engineer on Scale AI’s Nucleus team, which helps ML teams build better models with better data. She received her Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University with concentrations in systems and artificial intelligence.

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In this talk, we'll discuss the results of the 2nd edition of Scale Zeitgeist: AI Readiness Report. Scale surveyed more than 1,600 executives and ML practitioners on the challenges and best practices of building and adopting AI. With this report, we help you look past the hype and explore the impact of generative models such as Large Language Models (LLMs), and how organizations can deploy AI for real business impact.

Bihan Jiang, Product Manager at Scale will host a discussion with David Rokeach, VP of Enterprise AI at Scale, and Jonathan Rosenbluth, Director of Product Strategy at Cohere, to discuss the results of the report and best practices in adopting AI in the Enterprise.

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