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Putting 1M People on Mars with ML & 3D Printed Rockets

Posted Oct 18, 2022 | Views 271
# TransformX 2022
Tim Ellis
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer @ Relativity Space

Disrupting 60 years of aerospace manufacturing, Relativity Space is the first and only aerospace platform to integrate machine learning, software, and robotics with metal 3D printing to design, print, and fly rockets in days. Since co-founding Relativity, Tim Ellis has helped change the future of space exploration by expanding the possibilities of additive metal manufacturing. Under his leadership, Relativity developed Stargate, the largest metal 3D printer in the world which produces Terran 1, the world’s first 3D printed launch vehicle, and Terran R, the first fully reusable, entirely 3D printed rocket.

Tim is the youngest member of the National Space Council Users Advisory Group, directly advising the White House on all space policy. He also serves on the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, and has been honored on TIME 100 Next, MIT 35 Innovators Under 35, and “30 Under 30” from Business Insider, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine.

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Alexandr Wang
CEO & Founder @ Scale AI

Alexandr Wang is the founder and CEO of Scale AI, the data platform accelerating the development of artificial intelligence. Alex founded Scale as a student at MIT at the age of 19 to help companies build long-term AI strategies with the right data and infrastructure. Under Alex's leadership, Scale has grown to a $7bn valuation serving hundreds of customers across industries from finance to e-commerce to U.S. government agencies.

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Tim Ellis is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Relativity Space and wants to put one million people on Mars. He plans on accomplishing this goal by using the 3D printed rockets manufactured by his company, which boasts a one-million-square-foot factory and the largest metal 3D printers in the world. Ellis describes his first in-person rocket test and how it drove him to build Relativity Space. He also outlines the concept of software-defined manufacturing, and how combining 3D printing and machine learning allows Relativity Space to experiment and iterate more quickly than traditional manufacturing methods allow. He discusses how Relativity collects data and how sensor fusion helps the company predict printing flaws and identify them when they happen. In this fireside chat with Scale CEO and Founder Alexandr Wang, Ellis discusses how ambition can make absurd goals a reality and what it takes to persevere at a startup. Finally, Ellis outlines the benefits we will see along the way to achieving his goal.

Ellis is the youngest member of the National Space Council Users Advisory Group, which advises the White House on space policy. He also serves on the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer.

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