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Building a Data-Driven Marketplace for 600,000 Retailers at Faire

Posted Oct 20, 2022 | Views 3.1K
# TransformX 2022
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# AI in Retail & eCommerce
Daniele Perito
Co-founder and Chief Data Officer @ Faire

Daniele Perito is the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of Faire. Daniele oversees all data and risk management to enable the company and its customers to make data-driven decisions whenever possible. Prior to Faire, Daniele was Director of Security, Risk for Square Cash where he worked on building secure, fast, and easy-to-use products. Daniele led the integration of products that make it easier for individuals to collect payments, including the Snapcash and Twitter political campaign donations via Square Cash. He holds a MSc, Computer Network Security from Sapienza Universita di Roma, a Ph.D, computer science from INRIA Grenoble and a Postdoc in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Jon Wilfong
SVP of Sales & Field Operations @ Scale AI

As one of the earliest members of Scale, Jon has had the privilege of working closely with the majority of Scale’s long-time strategic customers. Jon is a former software engineer turned sales leader who has helped enable companies build successful API, data, and ML programs for over a decade. As the SVP of Sales & Field Operations at Scale, Jon is always eager to talk about driving business outcomes through AI/ML.

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Faire is an online marketplace that connects the world’s “best independent brands” with local retailers. There are over 85,000 brands and over 600,000 retailers using the platform across Europe and North America. Daniele Perito, Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer of Faire, will discuss how the marketplace is using machine learning to grow sales for both their small business customers and ultimately their consumers as well. Retailers on Faire can buy inventory and pay 60 days later, giving them the ability to return products that don’t sell, without disrupting their cash flow. Brands on Faire benefit from analytics and marketing tools that allow them to grow their customer base and their business. Offering these value propositions and acting as a matchmaker between brands and retailers requires dozens of models that span the gamut of machine learning and data techniques, from information retrieval to entity resolution to anti-fraud to default risk assessment with binary classifiers to operations research and econometrics.

Learn how Faire built and curated tools and infrastructure to be able to run thousands of trials simultaneously and experiment at scale. Prior to Faire, Perito was Director of Security, Risk for Square Cash, where he worked on building secure, fast, and easy-to-use products.

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