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Accelerating the Pace of AI for National Security at CDAO

Posted Oct 20, 2022 | Views 1K
# TransformX 2022
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Dr. Craig Martell
DoD Chief Digital and AI Officer @ Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO)

Dr. Craig Martell is the DoD Chief Digital and AI Officer at the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office of the United States. Previously, Dr. Martell was Head of Machine Learning at Lyft, Head of Machine Intelligence at Dropbox, and led a number of AI teams and initiatives at LinkedIn including the development of the LinkedIn AI Academy. Dr. Martell was a tenured professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Dr. Martell holds a doctorate in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania and is coauthor of Great Principles of Computing (MIT Press, 2015).

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Alexandr Wang
CEO & Founder @ Scale AI

Alexandr Wang is the founder and CEO of Scale AI, the data platform accelerating the development of artificial intelligence. Alex founded Scale as a student at MIT at the age of 19 to help companies build long-term AI strategies with the right data and infrastructure. Under Alex's leadership, Scale has grown to a $7bn valuation serving hundreds of customers across industries from finance to e-commerce to U.S. government agencies.

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Dr. Craig Martell recently transitioned from a well-paying industry job as Head of Machine Learning at Lyft to the new Chief Digital and AI Officer at CDAO. Drawn by the mission, Dr. Martell brings a wealth of AI experience and business experience that he hopes will help increase the pace of technology adoption.

Dr. Martell will join Alexandr Wang, CEO and Founder of Scale, to discuss his charter to help the DoD increase the speed and agility it develops and fields advances in AI, data analytics, and machine-learning technology. Dr. Martell will discuss how he plans to align incentives to take advantage of existing private-sector technology while streamlining procurement processes. He addresses how he will work to organize the immense quantities of data the department processes to make it more AI-ready to improve the department's capabilities overall.

Dr. Martell will identify the advanced AI capabilities he will look to implement across the department and how some of the latest advancements in large models factor into his plans. Finally, he will explore how to communicate complex technical topics to non-technical leaders in the government and how the industry can best support the government with AI initiatives.

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