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ML Virtual Networking Hour: E-commerce

About This Event

Join your peers in weekly 1-1 virtual networking matches for discussions on key topics in AI and ML with AI Exchange's Virtual Networking Hour. This week we're aiming to focus on E-commerce, but feel free to let your conversations go in any direction you want.

Here's why you should join this new virtual networking event:

  • Network with known peers outside your company.
  • Make new connections with others in your domain and beyond.
  • Build relationships with your connections with conversations that persist on AI Exchange in your Match History after the event.

How virtual networking via Match works:

  • You'll be randomly paired with another attendee.
  • You will have a 5-minute video call with your new connection.
  • If you want more time, you can both choose to extend the call.
Event has finished
March 25, 4:00 PM, GMT
Event has finished
March 25, 4:00 PM, GMT