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1:1 Match
ML Virtual Networking Hour: Computer Vision

Join your peers in 1-1 virtual networking matches for discussions on key topics in AI and ML with AI Exchange's Virtual Networking Hour. This week we're focused on computer vision, but feel free to let your conversations go in any direction you want.

Here's why you should join this new virtual networking event:

  1. Network with known peers outside your company.
  2. Make new connections with others in your domain and beyond.
  3. Build relationships with your connections with conversations that persist on AI Exchange in your Match History after the event.

How virtual networking via Match works:

  1. You'll be randomly paired with another attendee.
  2. You will have a 5-minute video call with your new connection.
  3. If you want more time, you can both choose to extend the call.
Event has finished
October 13, 11:00 PM, GMT
Event has finished
October 13, 11:00 PM, GMT